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Graduate Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation
Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

Who is eligible to apply for this course?

Who teaches on the Graduate Diploma of Neurological Rehabilitation Program?

How often do these courses operate?

What is meant by 'external' and 'on-campus' units for the clinical programs?

Do I take the external units before or after the 'on-campus' units in Perth?

What are the key advantages of this course?

Will we be required to study Research Methods or undertake a research project?

Are research degrees available?

Is it possible to obtain the Graduate Diploma of Neurological Rehabilitation through Distance Education alone?

What accommodation is available at the university?

What clinical experience is required?

Who will we perform treatments on?

Do I need a computer and internet access to study the external units?

Do I need to pay to make an application?

Is fee assistance available?

Who do I contact about further Information?


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